Book / Painting Scanning Services in Scotland

We offer a premium, high definition imaging service to scan books, photographs, negatives, glass plates, slides, fragile documents, paintings and drawings to various formats.

McPhersons Book ScanningThe high quality imaging service is available in either black and white, greyscale or full 24bit colour in various formats including PDF, PDFA, Tiff or Jpeg etc. Our 99 million pixel top down CCD scanner enables us to scan even the most fragile original with very little handling. We regularly capture high quality images of items varying in size from postage stamps to A1 size maps with outstanding, high definition results.

“McPhersons were able to capture the images to such a high standard that the scanned images could then be blown up and used as full height wallpaper.”

McPhersons are one of very few service bureaus within Scotland who are able to scan to these dimensions, in a single shot and to full colour with a non evasive scanner.

Fragile Books, Maps, Framed Pictures and Slides Safely Digitised and Preserved.

The adjustable scanner unit is built around a flat fixed base board with adjustable lights fitted to either side of the base which allows the scanner head and lights to be adjusted depending upon the individual object requiring to be scanned. The fragile object (bound book, painting, Drawing etc) is laid upon the baseboard and the scanner then takes up to A1 dimensions in a single shot without any physical contact with the object.

For smaller objects such as slides or negatives which require a backlight, a light box is fitted to the baseboard.

Experienced Operators Scan 268 year old Historical BooksMcPhersons Book Scanner

By using this type of scanner, fragile objects can be captured with the minimal amount of handling and with no risk of damage to the originals.

As with all our scanned data, the images can then be imported in to any existing document management system.

This service is popular with archivists looking to increase public access to historical artefacts but without the public having to physically handle the objects

An interesting project we were recently involved in was, an organisation was moving to new premises and were looking to have some rare, old A3 sized artworks captured to allow for printing to decorate their new corporate reception.

Digital Stitching

For objects which are larger than A1 dimensions, our production team will scan the painting (framed or unframed), book or drawing in multiple A1 shots. By using market leading software, we will then digitally stitch the separate images to produce one full scanned image to duplicate the original master hard copy.

Printing from Scans

Once scanned, our large format printing division can print back to A0+ dimensions to allow access and handling of hard copies while the fragile masters are kept in a safe and secure location.

For highly secure and sensitive material the scanner can be moved to a clients premises.

Digital Page Turning Software

Transform your scanned book in to something that little bit different, by converting your Adobe PDF scans using digital page turning software. By working with market leading KVISoft Technologies, we can give your scanned book that unique feel by supplying the scans in a Digital Page Turning software. Popular with online magazines and books, this software allows you to turn a page digitally as if you were turning the page of a real book. Using OCR Software, you can also search for keywords within the text of the book.

For further information, and to see a sample please don’t hesitate to contact us.