Confidential Destruction

In line with our Data Protection Act Procedures, after 8 weeks (or as per agreed with client) McPherson’s will request authority to destroy all paper hard-copy documents and scanned images held within our premises. This will be done by means of a Destruction Request Form faxed or emailed to client requesting a signature to authorise destruction.

No Destruction is Carried out Without Signed Confirmation from Client.

Once signed, all documents are loaded in to 1100 ltr secure bins or destruction bags, securely sealed and then securely transported directly to Highlander International‘s facility in Glasgow, by our own staff or Highlanders own staff. The documentation will then be securely destroyed using Scotlands largest Hammermill shredder by Highlander within their secure area. Our staff (or the client) can physically watch the documents being destroyed if required.

For additional security, the documents / drawings / microfilm can be shredded to Din 32757 level.

A Certificate of Destruction can be supplied upon request.

For further information on our destruction procedures or to arrange a site visit please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Secure Data Destruction

Scanned images will be removed from hard drives within McPherson’s at the same time as per Data Protection Act 1998, although, if required, data can be held securely on our system as a backup facility.