Digital Development Loan – Scottish Government

Thursday 21 June 2018 / in Blog, News / by StevenMcPherson / Comments Off on Digital Development Loan – Scottish Government

Don’t have the funds to improve your companies digital capabilities?

We have just been made aware of this fantastic incentive here in Scotland, to assist Scottish SME’s to become more digital orientated.

Like most Scottish Government  incentives, there are of course conditions. However, on this surface, this looks to be a good opportunity for a business to move towards a more digital approach.

For further details, please click HERE or the Digital Development Loan website.

The program is being managed by Lanarkshire Enterprise Services Ltd and is open to any small and medium sized business here in Scotland.

This looks to be an ideal opportunity to help fund that digitisation project a company may have been looking at, but due to budget constraints has been shelved or put on the back burner.

Therefore, if we can assist with a quote to digitise any Paper, Books, Drawings or Microfilm records, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further.