Microfilm / Microfiche Scanning Services in Scotland

Digitise You Microfilm Records to Searchable PDF or Tiff Formats.

At McPhersons, we have over 40years experience in Microfilm. After all, the McPhersons brand was first started in 1972 (T.R. McPhersons) to cater for the increasing demand in Microfilm.

Different types MicrofilmOver the years the demand for Microfilm has been declining. Therefore, the cost to maintain and replace the ageing equipment required to view and print from these often vital records has increased. Not to mention, spare parts are becoming very hard and expensive to come by.

Therefore, seeing this demand was decreasing, we looked to the future and saw digitisation / scanning of these vital historical records could play a significant part in the Document and Records Management market.

Market Leading Scanners and Equipment

McPhersons use market leading Sunrise, Wicks and Wilson and Kodak microfilm scanners to ensure all formats of microfilm can be captured accurately and to the highest level of quality. We are one of very few document scanning bureaus in Scotland to own and use a Sunrise microfilm scanner.

McPhersons Sunrise Microfilm ScannerBy using these market leading and well maintained microfilm scanners, we can digitally capture all your Microfilm records, including

  • 16mm and 35mm Roll Films – with or without cartridges.
  • 16mm, 35mm and Combi Microfiche / Jackets.
  • Comm Fiche.
  • 70mm Half plates.
  • 35mm Aperture Cards.
  • Photographic Slides.

Over recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the demand for Microfilms to be digitised, and have therefore consistently update our production department to ensure we remain competitive within the market place.

Once scanned, the films can be indexed with however many searchable fields required. Normally, scanned to pdf or tiff format, they can be easily imported in to your current Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

How do you currently retrieve your Microfilm?

This is a question our sales team will ask to gain a greater understanding to how you will manage the end product. Our data entry and finishing department will ensure your documents are retrievable as per your requirements. For example bookmarking within PDF, Optical Character recognition (OCR), Indexing with as many fields as you require, with free retrieval software from market leading suppliers.

  • Data can be returned to you via cd / dvd with free searchable software on each disk or portable hard drive or uploaded to our secure McPhersons LiveDrive Cloud for instant access.
  • All files can be scanned to allow for importing in to your existing software with the use of a csv or data file.
  • All your data is secured under our Data protection Act 1998 policy and procedures.

McPhersons -  Card ScannerWither, you are a local authority building / Planning department with records held on Microfiche, Roll Film or Aperture Cards, or an engineering works with plans and schematics held on Aperture Cards we can digitise all records to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Microfilm equipment is very expensive to service and replace these days. By digitising your records these can be fully searchable and held within your current IT system.

From just £0.01p per image!!

The cost to digitise your Microfilm records, can be as low as just 1p (£0.01) per image.

Alternatively, if you are limited with space, we can offer a Storage Solution, with Scan on Demand service. We hold your microfiche records securely, if you require any of the records, we scan and pass the digital images to you.

Our Case Study and News pages have some current and past projects we have been working on.

For further information on how we may be able to improve your usage and management of these often vital Microfilm records, Contact us to discuss your requirements.