Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions – 2018

Please note the Terms and Conditions for all products and services from McPherson Document Solutions Limited (Registered in Scotland SC240071) – referred to as McPhersons from here on wards.

  1. Management and Senior Team

Managing Director – Gordon McPherson – Gordon@trmcpherson.co.uk 

Production Manager and Director – Steven McPherson – steven@trmcpherson.co.uk

Admin and PA – Lynn Smith – Lynn@trmcpherson.co.uk

Production Supervisor – Craig Mcintosh – craig@trmcpherson.co.uk


  1. Registered address and Place of all works.

14 – 16 MacDowall Street, Paisley, PA3 2NB, Scotland.

Tel 0141 887 4379.



Unless otherwise stated all works related to the business including but not limited to; management, sales, admin, storage, pre scanning – microfilm/preparation, scanning, indexing etc will be carried out at this address.

For further details, please see http://www.trmcpherson.co.uk/contact/.

  1. Terminology and Services.

Unless otherwise stated, the term “Works” includes all goods and services McPhersons offer. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Scanning – Document, drawing, book and microfilm
  • Microfilm – Documents, drawings, and books
  • Pre-scanning / Preparation – all documents, drawings, books and microfilm
  • Data Entry / Indexing – All naming and indexing of files once scanned / filmed.
  • Finishing – burning of data to secure portable media- such as cd/dvd/portable hard drive.
  • Storage / Archive / Scan on Demand – All documents, drawings, books, microfilm within archive storage boxes.
  • All admin, management and sales activities.
  • For full details on our goods and services please see http://www.trmcpherson.co.uk/services/

The term “Client” or “Customers” relate to any company, group or individual who uses any of the goods or services offered by McPhersons

The premises at the above address, are secured and monitored 24/7 by a Redcare ADT alarm and Security system, with direct link to Police in case of multi trip sensors being activated.

All staff are Disclosure Scotland Checked.

All staff sign yearly Confidentiality Agreements.

All data is secured by systems and procedures registered with ICO – Data Protection Act 1998 reg Z3133909.

Unless otherwise stated, no works are subcontracted out with the above address.

For further details on our full security systems and protocols please see http://www.trmcpherson.co.uk/about/security/

  1. Quality and Guarantee(s).

Quality is of the utmost importance for all staff and McPhersons. Each document is checked by pre-scanning team to ensure scan ability. Repair work is carried out on document / drawing / book / microfilm if and when required to ensure highest quality scan is achievable. Every image which is scanned is checked by operator scanning again by indexer / data entry and then spot checks are carried out by finishing and production manager. A true like for like on every image against original document / drawing / book / microfilm is our target. Final quality is highly dependent upon original.  Scanning operators will change scanner and software quality settings accordingly per image if they feel quality can be improved upon by changing settings. This may incur increased cost to client. Any increases will be discussed with client.

All work is guaranteed by our own McPhersons Quality Guarantee Standard. Our quality standards are based on the ISO system as a starting block and built around our client’s individual needs.

Should a client / customer have a query regarding quality, they should advise their point of contact within McPhersons within 7 days of delivery of completed goods.

  1. Costing / Pricing

All quotes for jobs will be given in writing either via email or letter.

Jobs are costed on an individual basis. Jobs can be quoted as; per image, per 1000 images scanned, per hour logged against the job, per box, per document / file / book or drawing.

Where per file or box is used, there will be an explanation of estimated number of documents / images within said file/box and a cost rate per document / images. If this average goes up or down McPhersons reserves the right to alter the cost quoted per box / file accordingly as per the cost per document/image quoted.

All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from date of quotation.

It is standard practice for McPhersons to have a yearly review of prices. However, every job is quoted on an individual basis. If a price increase is required to cover costs or there are considerable changes from original sample or request to do so, this will be advised to the client as soon as possible. Price increases will apply if costs outside the companies control increase, such as changes to employment rules – eg National Minimum wage or Living Wage increases as well as other legal requirements set down by either Scottish or UK government(s) bodies etc. This will always be explained to the client by a senior management team at McPhersons.

For further details on our Pricing policy and procedures, please see http://www.trmcpherson.co.uk/about/pricing/

  1. Invoicing / Payment of goods

At McPhersons, we use an Invoice Finance Factor to manage all invoices we raise for goods or services carried out. This factor is Bibby Financial Services (Bibby factors Scotland, registered number 3530461) via their Glasgow and on occasions Edinburgh offices.

All invoices raised by McPhersons will be passed to Bibbys and payment should be made directly to them. All invoices have a notice of payment assigned to them.

New clients to McPhersons will be contacted initially by Bibbys to introduce themselves and advise of payment details.

Clients who submit Purchase Orders should ensure no clause relating to a “Ban of Assignment” exists. Where such clauses do exist, McPhersons would ask this be made aware to them prior to starting contract. McPhersons can then either request an opt out document is signed by client to ensure invoices can be submitted to Bibby Financial Services or in certain limited circumstances invoices can be submitted direct from McPhersons not involving Bibby Financial Services.

Standard payment terms of all invoices raised via Bibbys is 30 days from date of invoice. Accounts which are not settled within 90 days could result in legal proceedings.

Payment terms for invoices not submitted via Bibbys are 7 working days from date of invoice.

Cash sales can be handled by McPhersons. Payment can be made via cash, cheque, BACS or credit / debit cards at time of collection or delivery of goods.

McPhersons carry a minimum invoice value of £80.00 + VAT and where required carriage.

All prices quoted will normally exclude vat and carriage unless otherwise stated.

Standard delivery charge of £20.00 applies unless otherwise stated on quote.

In certain circumstances it may be required to request payment prior to delivery of goods. This would only apply to payments not submitted via Bibbys.

Invoices will be raised once scanned images are made available to client – either via cloud or portable media – such as cd, dvd, portable hard drive, usb flash drive etc.

Please see quote or tender submission for further details.

  1. Uplift and Delivery of goods

Uplift and delivery of goods or services will normally be carried out via our own secure transport by our own staff.

A McPhersons representative will normally advise upon expected timeframe. If a client / customer requires a specific turnaround time please advise McPhersons of this at the earliest convenience and every effort will be made to achieve this. Certain very tight timescales may carry an additional charge. This will always be advised to customer prior to work commencing.

Data can be encrypted with 256bit secure password using WinZip for transportation. McPhersons would always suggest such security, particularly when transfering documents / data electronically. Please advise if your company would prefer this did not happen.

It is standard practice that McPhersons do not return original paper / cardboard records after digitisation. Unless otherwise stated in quote / tender or advised by client. Therefore, files will not be refilled to the same condition they were collected in after scanning. Clients / Customers should advise McPhersons at time of quoting / collection of goods if they wish their files to be refilled as they were collected. An additional charge for this service will normally apply, typically a standard hourly rate.

  1. Confidential Destruction of Data and Documents, Drawings, Books and Microfilm

After approx 6 – 8 weeks (or unless otherwise advised on quote or tender) after completing and returning of scanned / filmed data, McPhersons will email or hand deliver an “Authorisation for Destruction” document to their point of contact / client. Once signed, all Documents / drawings / books / Microfilm are confidentially destroyed to document destruction industry standard EN15713. All data held by McPhersons on backup drive / server will also be destroyed at this time.

McPhersons normally hold scanned data on a backup server for an additional 12 months.

If a client wishes their data stored as a contingency backup, they should advise McPhersons at the start of the digitisation process. A charge for this service will normally apply. For further details, please see http://www.trmcpherson.co.uk/confidential-destruction/

  1. Storage boxes

McPhersons can supply archive boxes if/when required. Charge for boxes will be advised in quote / tender spec.

There are no set requirements for dimensions of box although, McPhersons do require boxes to be in a good condition, with handles and a lid and no heaver than 15kg in weight – able to be lifted by one person. Boxes should be of cardboard or plastic construction.

As a general rule, boxes should be able to be lifted by one person with ease.

McPhersons reserves the right to spread contents of box(s) over multiple boxes if boxes are found to be excessive in weight or in poor condition. An additional charge for this will apply, although the customer / client will always be advised of this before any work is undertaken.

For further details, please see http://www.trmcpherson.co.uk/document-storage/

  1. Resolving problems / complaints etc.

McPhersons is a family run and owned independent Document / Records Management archive business, with both directors playing an daily active role. Ensuring the company delivers a high standard of quality and customer service is of the utmost importance of all staff. In the unlikely event of a client having a complaint or quality problem, they should primarily contact their point of contact within McPhersons. The representative will advise the production manager to establish all facts and ensure the problem is rectified in a swift manner. Should the client remain unhappy, they should contact one of the Company Directors. Contact details of both can be seen on the first page of this document.

McPherson Document Solutions Limited

14 – 16 MacDowall St, Paisley, PA32NB

sales@trmcpherson.co.uk T. 0141 8874379


Registered in Scotland: SC240071