What’s the Largest Drawing / Document You Can Scan?

Thursday 30 June 2016 / in Case Studies, News / by StevenMcPherson / Comments Off on What’s the Largest Drawing / Document You Can Scan?

A Question we are often asked….

When one of our regular While You Wait customers approached us with a challenging project, we were only too happy to assist.

Albi LogoAlbi Taylor is a local, very talented Graphics Facilitator based in Glasgow, who produces some amazing hand drawn artwork for clients throughout the UK. Albi describes what she does as, “Using words and pictures to describe an event in real time”. Albi often brings her artwork in to McPhersons to be digitised to portable media which she then passes on to her clients. The artwork can either be A4 dimensions or more often than not ranging up to A1 in length.

The challenge for us was the overall dimensions of the drawing, 42 inches by a staggering 18ft.

As we had just upgraded our Colortrac large format drawing scanner and we knew the scanner could scan up to 42 inches wide as a maximum, we were up to the challenge to see if the unit could handle the amazing 18ft in length.

Case StudyAmazingly the scanner handled the project with ease. Our team then had to ensure the file size was low enough while quality and integrity of the image had to be held high enough to ensure Albi’s client (Career Ready Scotland) were able to upload to their new website. Our production team were only too happy to push our software(s) and were able to bring this substantial drawing down to an incredible 9mb- with no loss of quality!!

To finish the project off, Colortrac picked the story up on our Twitter feed and we have been working with them to produce the following Case Study.  Why not have a read HERE and tell us what you think…

At McPhersons we work with local artists throughout Scotland and the UK to preserve and digitise their incredible works of art. If you have a similar project, we would love to hear from you.. Remember, for something more fragile, we have our Solar Imaging System A1 flat bed type scanner.