CD Duplication

CD Duplication – CD Duplication Services, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Although Glasgow based, McPherson Document Solutions supply CD duplication services to every area of the UK. We specialise in CD Duplication runs of between 100 and 1000 CDs, although we are happy to quote for large CD duplication runs.

What is CD Duplication ?

CD duplication is the process of copying the contents of a previously produced CD, by burning the data onto a blank compact disk. The blank CDs that are used in the CD duplication process are known as Contact Disk Recordables or CDRs for short. CDRs, used in the CD duplication process, are ideal for storing many types of digital data ,including multimedia, such as text, images, sound, film and animation. These CDR’s can then be overprinted with your own label, or let us design one for you