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Document Consultancy – Document Consulting Glasgow , Scotland

Document Management Services 

Looking for a document consultancy company in Scotland? We are a professional document consulting company, based in Glasgow, with expertise in many areas of document consulting. We keep your documents safe at all times, yet ensure easy accessibility.

As document scanning and archiving experts, we take all of your paper documents and files and save them all in electronic digital format. This not only saves storage space, but allows for secure back-up, disaster recovery and allows virtually instant retrieval of information.

Independent Document Management Company

McPherson is an independent document consulting and management company, whose role is to advise in the area of document storage, to both corporate and government clients. We can implement the most cost efficient document storage and maintenance strategy, which protects and maximises the true value of your stored documents.

That fact that we are independent means that McPherson can recommend and implement the perfect document maintenance strategy to suit your organisation’s needs, rather than being restricted to any specific management system.

Our services Include:

  • Document management consulting
  • Aperture card scanning
  • Document management implementation
  • Mass document scanning
  • Large format scanning
  • On site scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Document storage solutions
  • Forms processing consultancy
  • Document maintenance

Please contact us if you would like further information about our document consulting or management services.